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Press Releases

Notice of Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting No. 1/2024

Tsubakimoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will hold its Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting (EGM) on Monday, 1 April 2024 at 9.00a.m. (Thailand time).

We are pleased to announce that the resolution set out in the Notice of EGM dated 18 March 2024 was duly approved and passed by the Company Director.

For more details on the EGM agenda, please click here.

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For the abundance of nature

Planting trees

Due to the invasion and destruction of natural forest areas including community forest areas, to make a living or bring trees to benefit in various fields. As a result, the forest area was reduced. Tsubakimoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has set up a project to plant trees together with students to increase green areas and replace forest areas that have been destroyed at Khao Phra Ngam Municipal Kindergarten School, Lopburi Province, with the objective is

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Restore beauty and balance to nature

Due to industrial development, tourism and natural disasters causing both direct and indirect effects on marine life. Coral is one of the marine and coastal natural resources that have been destroyed quite a lot. Tsubakimoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. would like to be a part of conserving the environment and restoring balance to nature by organizing activities to plant coral and release sharks at EOD Beach, Sattahip, Chonburi Province. We sincerely hope that this activity will;

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