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Restore beauty and balance to nature

Due to industrial development, tourism and natural disasters causing both direct and indirect effects on marine life. Coral is one of the marine and coastal natural resources that have been destroyed quite a lot. Tsubakimoto (Thai...

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20th anniversary of Tsubakimoto (Thailand)

Delivering product value

Forwarding sustainable stability

20th Anniversary TTCL

Tsubakimoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is delighted to continue delivering the value of our products to customers until now. And in 2022, marking the 20th anniversary of doing business in Thailand. The management team and staff members jointly offer food and offering dedicated to Buddhist monks for the prosperity and morale of all.

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TSUBAKI family joins in sharing kindness

Baan Nok Kamin

Tsubakimoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has organized activity "TSUBAKI family joins in sharing kindness" to realize the importance of sharing and helping each other in society, including giving importance to children and youth who will be important forces of the nation in the future. This CSR activity is open for donations of unwanted/unused items and appliances such as clothes, children's toys, books, consumer goods, etc. And give them to orphans, street children and underprivileged children who are under the care of BAAN NOK KAMIN FOUNDATION.

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Beach Cleaning Up Activity at Bang Saen Beach

Tsubakimoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. pays attention to social and environmental activities (CSR). We collect garbage at Bang Saen Beach and dispose of it in the trash bin provided by Saensuk Municipality, Chonburi province. The purpose of this activity aims;

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Because "you are important"

Tsubakimoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is ready to keep your conveyor system running smoothly.

We offer chain inspection service at customer site by a team of specialist engineers. Scopes of service are;

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