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Can feeders perform indexing at high speed, so require the utmost in conveyor chain precision to achieve smooth production.

Where precision is important a chain failure may lead to an entire production batch being lost. This can be particularly costly in time critical applications where there is very little margin for unplanned downtime.

Tsubaki conveyor chains are durable and supplied with unparalleled degrees of accuracy thanks to our unique Match and Tag service. Chains are specifically designed to resist uneven wear and elongation - which preserves the precision of the line and maximizes service life.

High corrosion resistance is another inherent benefit of Tsubaki chain. Our chains are suitable for wash downs, ensuring hygienic protocol has no adverse effect on chain performance. This further protects against uneven wear and minimizes the risk of contamination of product. This serves to maximize safety, productivity and chain service life.

Tsubaki chains for can feeders can be specified to requirement, with a large range of attachments and chain chassis available to ensure an optimum solution.