RS Super-H Series Roller Chain

Features inner and outer link plates shaped the same as those of Super Chain that are one size thicker than RS Roller Chain.

Super H Roller Chain

Ideal for applications that require higher allowable tension, tensile strength and shock absorption.

Maximum allowable load has been improved 20% over previous Super-H Chain with the December 2016 upgrade.

Features / Applications

High fatigue strength, tensile strength, shock absorption


Reference Number System

RS 80 - SUP - H - 1
(1) (2)
  1. Applicable size: 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 200, 240
  2. No. of strands
Model numbers for ordering connecting links (JL) RS80-SUP-H-1-JL
  • Order as shown above after specifying the number of strands.
  • Offset links are not available for Super-H Roller Chain.


*Select the model number for detailed information. (Contact us about the model if there is no detailed information.)

Chain Model No.
1 strand 2 strands 3 strands 4 strands 5 strands 6 strands
RS80-SUP-H-1 RS80-SUP-H-2 RS80-SUP-H-3 RS80-SUP-H-4 RS80-SUP-H-5 RS80-SUP-H-6
RS100-SUP-H-1 RS100-SUP-H-2 RS100-SUP-H-3 RS100-SUP-H-4 RS100-SUP-H-5 RS100-SUP-H-6
RS120-SUP-H-1 RS120-SUP-H-2 RS120-SUP-H-3 RS120-SUP-H-4 RS120-SUP-H-5 RS120-SUP-H-6
RS140-SUP-H-1 RS140-SUP-H-2 RS140-SUP-H-3 RS140-SUP-H-4 RS140-SUP-H-5 RS140-SUP-H-6
RS160-SUP-H-1 RS160-SUP-H-2 RS160-SUP-H-3 RS160-SUP-H-4 RS160-SUP-H-5 RS160-SUP-H-6
RS200-SUP-H-1 RS200-SUP-H-2 RS200-SUP-H-3 RS200-SUP-H-4 RS200-SUP-H-5 RS200-SUP-H-6
RS240-SUP-H-1 RS240-SUP-H-2 RS240-SUP-H-3 RS240-SUP-H-4 RS240-SUP-H-5 RS240-SUP-H-6