Chain Products

We understand the Asian market demands, and our core products are available in ANSI as well as British Standard series direct from stock.

From drive chains for transmission, attachment chain for conveying, corrosion resistant versions where customer needs are more severe through to problem solving and solution providing products such as Lambda lube free chain. Tsubaki has the products to suit any customer application.

Drive Chain Products

Chains listed below are also available in BS/DIN standards, with exception of the Heavy Duty class.

Classification Chain Series Tsubaki Chain Type Features
General Standard Roller Chain Series RS G7 Basic ANSI roller chain
Specialty Application Chain

Leaf Chain


For lifting purposes
Low Noise Chain SN Series For low noise operation
Lambda Series RS-LMD Self-lubrication, maintenance free
K-Lambda Series RS-K LMD Heat resistant, self-lubrication
X-Lambda Series RS-X LMD Self lubrication under severe dust conditions
FG-Lambda Series RS-FG LMD Food grade
Heavy Duty RO Series For heavy duty applications in construction equipment
RS-HT Anti-shock performance
Super Series SUPER Improved fatigue strength
SUPER H Improved fatigue strength & anti-shock performance
ULTRA SUPER Ultimate Strength
Carbon Steel Based Anti Corrosion Chain RS-NP (Available as Lambda Chain) Nickel Plated for slightly corrosive environments
RS-NEP Environment friendly, low cost corrosion protection
Stainless Steel Based Anti Corrosion Chain SS Series SUS304 for excellent corrosion resistance
AS Series SUS304+360 for higher maximum allowable load
NS Series SUS316 for more corrosive environments
Stainless Steel/Plastic Base PC-Series SUS304 + Engineering plastic for corrosion resistance and no lubrication required

Conveyor Chain Products

Chains listed below are also available in BS/DIN standard, anti-corrosion and Lambda class.

Classification Chain Series Tsubaki Chain Type Features
General ANSI Standard Attachment Chain Series RS Single Pitch Standard All major chain attachments available
RF Double Pitch Standard For longer conveyor lines
RS & RF HP Hollow pin chain
RS Single Pitch CU Curved chain
Free Flow Double Plus Chain VRP and VR Series Transport material at 2.5 times the chain speed
Side Roller RS & RF - PSR/TPR/SR/TR Top and side roller chains available in steel or plastic
Top Roller Chain
Top Chain Plastic Chain RS-P/TTP/TN/TP Flat top plastic chain with stainless steel or plastic pins. Comes in various shapes and sizes for specific needs. Also available in heat resistant, anti-chemical, food grade and non-conductive form.
Steel Chain TT/TS/TO/TU/TRU Flat top chain in stainless steel, carbon steel and nickel plate form
Snap Cover Chain RS-SC Flat top plastic cover that fits on standard Tsubaki roller chain
Materials Handling Conveyor Chain RF/BF/NF Various combinations of roller types, pitch sizes, attachment styles and different materials are available to customize our conveyor chain for specific material and bulk handling needs.

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