Power Transmission Components

Asian Industry requires sophisticated, precision products in this day and age and Tsubaki being a leading global power transmission company can deliver across a wide platform of product disciplines. We have the most complete range of cam clutches of any manufacturer, overload protection components which both compliment our chain products but importantly are there to protect vitally important and costly machinery in the event of overload.

Linear Actuators

Power Cylinder

Linear actuator (electro-mechanical type), only simple wiring to electric power source is required.

Lini Power Jack

Lini Power Jacks are worm gear and machine screw or ball screw driven linear actuators.

Cam Clutches

Cam Clutch

Non-backlash one-way clutches with a multicam mechanism


Gear Motor

Compact, lightweight and quiet gear reducers.

Hypoid Motor

Compact, lightweight and quiet right angle gear reducers.

Worm Power Drive

Efficient, compact and lightweight worm reducers.

Troi Drive

Troidal worm gear reducer with high efficiency and high torque capacity.

Miter Gear Box

Right angle gear box of spiral bevel gears with high efficiency, high power rating.

Shaft-Mounted Reducer

Helical gear Shaft-Mounted reducer.

Helical Power Drive

Compact but powerful Helical Reducer.


Mechanical infinitely variable speed reducers with planetary traction drive.

Locking Devices

Power Lock

Key less shaft & hub Locking Device.


Echt-Flex Coupling (Disk Coupling)

No lubrication, non-backlash and high torsional stiffness coupling makes full use of the characteristics of servomotor.

Chain Coupling

Can be used with all kinds of ordinary power transmission. It is a strong, flexible coupling. This is a strong Flexible Coupling for general use.

Nylon chain coupling

Jaw-flex coupling

Light load flexible coupling ideal for connecting directly to induction motor.

Neo-flex coupling

No lubrication long-life flexible coupling ideal for medium and high speeds,and in situations subject to heavy vibration or impact.

Bellows coupling

Compact, precision coupling made from high quality stainless steel bellow structure combines simplicity with non-backlash features.

Safety and Control Devices

Torque Limiter

General purpose friction type overload protectors.

Shock Guard

No-backlash high performance overload protectors, 4 different series using cams or balls and with preset torque within {3% to 10%}. Select the best unit for your application.

Shock Relay

Electrical overload protectors. High precision electrical safety device monitoring motor current to protect machines from damage. Easy to set precise trip levels.

Shock Damper

Hydraulic shock dampers to soften the shock of impact.

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