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Tsubaki Power Cylinder U series

Introducing the new smaller, lighter U Series Power Cylinder with more than 6 tons rated thrust

A new power cylinder that succeeds in providing a smaller, lighter unit with better cost performance while maintaining the same performance of the previous model (T series).

  • Rated thrust: 58.8 to 215kN {6000 to 22000kgf}
  • Speed: 6.5 to 52mm/s

In response to the ever changing and evolving advancements in the industry, Tsubaki is pleased to announce the launch of the NEW G8 Heavy Duty Drive Chain Series. The third product release in the new and improved 100th Anniversary series.

G8 logo G8 logo

Tsubakimoto Chain has always been at the forefront of chain innovation. The company understands the importance of responding to industry demands by continually improving leading edge products by investing in new technology, research and development.

As the pioneer in the industry, Tsubaki was the first company to develop a roller chain that uses special oil impregnated sintered bushes. Since its introduction to the market in 1988, Tsubaki Lambda Chain has gained an outstanding reputation in a variety of industries and applications. The product is capable of meeting a wide range of customer needs for longer wear life in lubrication-free environments. This reduces overall long-term costs to the customer.

Basic Structure of Lambda Chain

Basic Structure of Lambda Chain

Tsubaki Launches 100th Anniversary Model G8 Series

Strong against water and alkalis

Tsubaki proudly presents the worldwide release of Surface Treated Neptune Chain in American (ANSI) and British (BS) standards. The world's chain solution for applications exposed to water, seawater, chemicals, and high humidity conditions. Tsubaki's Neptune Series comes with the full strength of its carbon steel ANSI and BS standard chain series, which have longer service life in corrosive environments than ever before.

Tsubaki G8 Series

Tsubakimoto Singapore Sales Director, Mr. Hang Lee Juan, comments about Neptune chain, "It is specially developed for Tsubaki centennial anniversary. The chain has superior corrosion and chemical resistant performance.It is the first series of Tsubaki's 100th Anniversary model G8 (Generation 8) series to be released. Tsubaki will launch other G8 Series models, one after another, in the coming year."

2012 December 21 - Today Tsubaki Thailand announces the opening of their new website servicing Thailand. The site is intended to provide information about the products and services offered by Tsubaki.

ttcl website 2012

KabelSchlepp is now part of the Tsubaki Group and will lead Tsubaki's global cable carrier systems division. Since 1968, both companies have been close cooperative partners. With this integration, we will expand our share of the cable carrier business.