Introducing the U Series Power Cylinder

Tsubaki Power Cylinder U series

Introducing the new smaller, lighter U Series Power Cylinder with more than 6 tons rated thrust

A new power cylinder that succeeds in providing a smaller, lighter unit with better cost performance while maintaining the same performance of the previous model (T series).

  • Rated thrust: 58.8 to 215kN {6000 to 22000kgf}
  • Speed: 6.5 to 52mm/s

Features of U Series Power Cylinders

Lightweight and compact

Thanks to newly developed special ball screws and bearings, we succeeded in reducing the total length by a max. of 11% and the mass 40% compared with the previous model (T series). The smaller size and lighter weight makes it easy to replace hydraulic cylinders.

Complete line-up available

We added a model with a 22 tons rated thrust that we did not have previously. In addition, we will release 32 tons and 50 tons models in 2018. We can now replace hydraulic cylinders in the large thrust range.

Better cost performance

In addition to achieving cost reductions compared to previous models thanks to smaller and lighter parts, the power cylinder is electrical so it has much better power savings than hydraulic types, greatly reducing power consumption.

Comparison of power consumption with hydraulic cylinders

Annual power consumption comparison per unit (kWh/year)


Two types of safety mechanisms for U Series Power Cylinders

Two types are available, depending on the safety mechanism

B type (with wet slip clutch)

A wet slip clutch is built in at the end of the reducer screw shaft. The use of a special lining provides protection during overloads.


C type (with thrust detection unit)

A thrust detection spring unit is built in to the bracket. It is effective during push/pull stopping or when electrical signals are required during overloads.


Product Details

– 2017 August 1