Tsubaki Lambda Chain - G8 Series Release

Tsubakimoto Chain has always been at the forefront of chain innovation. The company understands the importance of responding to industry demands by continually improving leading edge products by investing in new technology, research and development.

As the pioneer in the industry, Tsubaki was the first company to develop a roller chain that uses special oil impregnated sintered bushes. Since its introduction to the market in 1988, Tsubaki Lambda Chain has gained an outstanding reputation in a variety of industries and applications. The product is capable of meeting a wide range of customer needs for longer wear life in lubrication-free environments. This reduces overall long-term costs to the customer.

Basic Structure of Lambda Chain

Basic Structure of Lambda Chain

To celebrate Tsubaki's 100th anniversary the company has launched the Advanced Lambda Chain as G8-Series.

Tsubaki re-visited the fundamentals of its manufacturing process. After extensive research and testing a new bush manufacturing technique was developed using new materials, density and oil types. Tsubaki G8 Lambda Chain now uses food grade lubricant and retains the same strength as a traditional bush. These new techniques, coupled with a specially coated pin to reduce running friction gives the end user less downtime and reduced maintenance costs. The new G8 Series ANSI chain now lasts twice as long and the BS 1.3 times as long as previous series. Total cost of ownership using Tsubaki G8 Series Lambda Chain is significantly lower than using traditional chains.

Why use Lube-Free Lambda Chains?

In applications where lubrication is difficult or impossible, Tsubaki G8 Series Lambda is the chain of choice. Lambda is ideal for applications where traditional lubrication methods cannot be used. An example is when chain has direct contact with product/s. Other environments where the operating conditions are not ideal include, cement plants or sawmills where fine dust and contamination can cause serious problems on the chain. These particles can stick to standard lubricated chain clogging the chain and sprockets resulting in articulation problems and eventual derailment.

When long life, reduced downtime and higher productivity are required Tsubaki G8 Series Lambda Chain is the ultimate choice. Available in Long Life Lambda (X-Lambda), High Temperature (KF-Series) and Surface Treated Series.

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– 2016 September 1