Introducing Tsubaki Neptune Chain

Tsubaki Launches 100th Anniversary Model G8 Series

Strong against water and alkalis

Tsubaki proudly presents the worldwide release of Surface Treated Neptune Chain in American (ANSI) and British (BS) standards. The world's chain solution for applications exposed to water, seawater, chemicals, and high humidity conditions. Tsubaki's Neptune Series comes with the full strength of its carbon steel ANSI and BS standard chain series, which have longer service life in corrosive environments than ever before.

Tsubaki G8 Series

Tsubakimoto Singapore Sales Director, Mr. Hang Lee Juan, comments about Neptune chain, "It is specially developed for Tsubaki centennial anniversary. The chain has superior corrosion and chemical resistant performance.It is the first series of Tsubaki's 100th Anniversary model G8 (Generation 8) series to be released. Tsubaki will launch other G8 Series models, one after another, in the coming year."

Unique Multi-Layer Surface

With the unique multi-layer surface, Neptune Chain has superior corrosion and chemical resistance compared to the previous series, NEP Chain. Our special base layer coating is a zinc type followed by a highly chemical resistant top coating and a special resin coating. The roller is also sealed with a special coating to give it superior rust prevention and preserve its durability when engaging with a sprocket.


Pursuit of Eco & Eco Performance

Neptune Chain's anti-rust performance is superior to previous models. NEP Chain was coated with a traditional plain zinc, and as a result, there were many cases of premature corrosion when used around chemicals. The chemical resistance of the Neptune Series increases this resistance almost 15 times compared to NEP Chain. The better performance of Neptune Chain is one of Tsubaki's commitments to increasing the customer's economic benefit.


Keeping all of the main features of NEP Chain, Neptune Chain has also become one of Tsubaki's environmentally friendly products that passed the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance) compliance, which is one of the most stringent international regulations restricting hazardous chemicals from industrial products. This is part of Tsubaki's efforts to bring more ecological benefits to the environment.

Technical Support and Availability

Neptune Chain is now available around the world. Tsubaki's global network is happy to welcome any inquiries and any further questions about specifications or details of Neptune Chain.

Tsubaki Global Network

The Tsubaki group includes 42 factories and 36 sales companies worldwide. Our production and sales networks are more fully developed than ever. For more information please contact the Tsubaki representative in your region.

– 2016 June 1