Industry Applications

Tsubaki is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of industrial use power transmission components and equipment.

Differentiating quality, technology development and production systems rather than just simply pursuing cost reductions we believe is a primary goal for Tsubaki. By forward thinking investment, a fine example being the construction of probably the world’s largest state of the art roller chain manufacturing plant ever by Tsubaki.

Customers are increasingly concerned with total life cycle costs. Therefore demand is stronger than ever for enhanced quality and technology, particularly with respect to chain strength, durability and drive performance. To this end we are well placed; developing & releasing products that have the highest quality, added value, wear elongation and durability.

The world over, Tsubaki communicates and enhances the performance of original equipment and final consumer markets. Below is just a small example of the industries Tsubaki service.

As technology improves, mills of all kinds are becoming more efficient and thus requiring less operating staff. This is also a trend for the palm oil industry, where FFB conveyors, Continuous Cooker conveyors and SFB conveyors are crucial for the process of palm oil production. These conveyors must provide optimal operation, and thanks to the following reasons, Tsubaki RF706SP-R is the solution for dependable operation with minimal maintenance.

Double plus chain heavy duty series

Recently the automobile industry in India has been requiring free flow chain with increasingly higher strength. To meet this demand Tsubaki introduced Double Plus Chain with a steel center roller. This has become a successful product in this field of business.

There are several new chain manufactures also competing for this business. At one of the car manufacturers a new chain supplier took over and provided different chain. We were told that the competitor's chain was less expensive than Tsubaki chain.

Soon thereafter the Tsubaki sales engineer had a chance to visit that customer, and was given a chance to look at the competitor's chain. After investigating the competitor's chain our sales engineer reviewed the advantages of Tsubaki chain with the customer and told them to keep Tsubaki in mind.

Mining Hole Blast Application

This site is a coal mine. The drill rig is roaring because it is working against a very hard rock bed. This is a very tough environment for both man and machines.

The customer had a difficult time with their pull-down chains. Most of these chains had loose pins and there was evident cracking and breaking of these chain parts.

hole blast mining