X-Lambda RS Attachment Chain

X-Lambda RS Attachment Chain

X-Lambda Chain uses an oil-impregnated felt seal to provide greatly increased wear life over Lambda Chain.

You will be able to extend the period between replacements even further if currently using Lambda Chain.

We reviewed the material and processing that go into our special oil-impregnated bushes, and improved the lubricant, giving it more than twice the wear life over previous products.

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Features and Points of Caution

Extremely long life
The felt seal gives X-Lambda Chain over 5x the wear resistance of Lambda Chain. (In-house test comparison, -10°C to 60°C)
Improved the lubricant used in the special oil impregnated bushes.
Used the compliant lubrication to NSF-H1 as special contained bush. It also can be used on food machinery. *
Interchangeable with Lambda Chain. However, the pins are longer than with Lambda Chain. Please check for interference with the equipment and attachment dimensions.
Operating temperature range
-10°C to 60°C

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Reference Number System

RS40 - LMCX - 1L K1
(1) (2) (3) (4)
  1. Chain size
  2. Chain series: LMCX = X-Lambda Attachment Chain
  3. Attachment spacing
  4. Attachment type


Chain Size + Model

Safety Precautions for Lambda Chain