KF Series Lambda BS Attachment Chain

24. KF Series Lambda BS Attachment Chain

Introducing Tsubaki's new KF Series BS Lambda Chain, which conforms ISO606 standards.

BS Lambda Chain that can be used in the food industry and in high-temperature environments.

Features and Points of Caution


Can be used in food applications
Uses environmentally friendly NSF-H1 certified food grade oil for use in food applications.
Can be used in high temperature environments
Usable from -10°C to 230°C with stable lubrication and wear performance
Less maintenance time
Use special oil impregnated bushes. Since no additional lubrication for the chain is required, there is no mess on the equipment to help maintain a clean work environment.
Use BS Roller Chain sprockets (BS conforming to ISO standards) *Made to order product
Available sizes: RS Series attachment chain from RS08B to RS16B-LM.

Points of caution

Reference Number System

RS08B - LM-KF - 1L A1
(1) (2) (3) (4)
  1. Chain size
  2. Chain type: LM-KF = KF Series Lambda BS Attachment Chain
  3. Attachment spacing
  4. Attachment type


Chain Size + Model

Safety Precautions for Lambda Chain