Lambda Chain standard

Lambda Chain

Coating the inner and outer plates black has given the chain slight corrosion resistance and a high-grade finish.

We reviewed the material and processing that go into our special oil-impregnated bushes, and improved the lubricant, giving it more than twice the wear life over previous products.

Basic Structure of Lambda Chain

Structure of Lambda ChainStructure of Lambda Chain
Standard specifications
Inner and outer plates are black oxide coated.
Nickel plated specifications
Uses a special nickel plating (except on the bush).

Points of caution

To ensure compatibility with RS Roller Chain, the inner plate is one size thicker with the same tensile strength as RS Roller Chain. Thus, pins are longer than with the RS Roller Chain, so interference with equipment should be checked.

Features of Lambda Chain

Long life, lube free
The special oil impregnated bushes provides long service life, even without additional lubrication.

Performance in Ambient Temperatures (-10°C to 60°C)

Improved the lubricant used in the special oil impregnated bushes.
Used the compliant lubrication to NSF-H1 as special contained bush. It also can be used on food machinery. *
Compatible with standard roller chains. (However, there is a difference in their kilowatt ratings.)
Operating temperature range:
-10°C to 150°C.
Single strand chains can use RS Sprockets, but double strand chains require special sprockets due to the size difference of their horizontal pitch (C dimension).

Reference Number System

RS 80 - LMD - 1
(1) (2)
Model numbers for ordering connecting links (JL) RS80-LMD-1-JL
Model numbers for ordering offset links (OL) RS80-LMD-1-OL


Chain Model No.
1 Strand 2 Strands
RS40-LMD-1 RS40-LMD-2
RS50-LMD-1 RS50-LMD-2
RS60-LMD-1 RS60-LMD-2
RS80-LMD-1 RS80-LMD-2
RS100-LMD-1 RS100-LMD-2