Lambda BS Attachment Chain standard

Lambda BS Attachment Chain

Lambda Chain in ISO606 BS Series

Can replace BS chain as-is on existing equipment.

Improved the lubricant in our special oil-impregnated bushes to give the chain 30% longer wear life over our previous upgrade.

Features and Points of Caution

Improved wear life
Achieves a longer wear life thanks to Tsubaki's original bearing material, material properties, and oil. By thoroughly minimizing quality deviations, Tsubaki BS Series Lambda Chain demonstrates reliable performance.
Improved the lubricant used in the special oil impregnated bushes.
Used the compliant lubrication to NSF-H1 as special contained bush. It also can be used on food machinery. *
Reduced initial elongation
Conventional chains experience initial elongation from assembly deviations and a general wearing-in period, which meant troublesome work in adjusting the equipment when starting up. Lambda BS Attachment Chain greatly reduces this initial elongation, thereby reducing adjustment times.
Easy cutting
Uses a "Center sink pin", which requires no pin grinding during chain cutting, reducing chain cutting and connecting times.
Center sink pin

RS08B to RS16B, single strand. Other sizes and double strand chain use double-staked riveting.

BS Roller Chain sprockets (conforming to ISO B Series standards) must be used. *Made to order product

Please inquire for chain selection.

Reference Number System

RS08B - LM - 1L A1
(1) (2) (3) (4)
  1. Chain size
  2. Chain type: LMC = Lambda Series
  3. Attachment spacing
  4. Attachment type


Chain Size + Model

Safety Precautions for Lambda Chain